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The Borington Journal was a fanzine loosely related to the south Florida punk scene that was published from Miramar and Ft Lauderdale Florida from 1980 until 1982. Eight issues were published--the first seven by myself, with help from Walter Czachowski, my sister Cheri, Meg Kaplan and others. Cheri and some other friends published No. 8 in 1982, while I was in L.A.

We started it in part to fill a void created when the Mouth of the Rat moved from South Florida to New York. The Borington's style and content owed quite a bit to MOTR, but it had a more sophomoric approach. In addition to show reviews, record reviews, and local gossip, we also included photos of my fishing exploits, and obscure references to sports, primarily to confuse and annoy the readers. Eddie O'Brien wrote at least one sports column under the nom de plume of C. Dan Deville. There was some uninformed, but heartfelt political commentary, and occasionally there were jokes about the personal lives and gastrointestinal health conditions of various members of the local scene. We usually had a couple hundred copies printed at Kenny Long's Modern Printing in Ft. Lauderdale, and distributed them at the punk place de jour. Open Books and Records and Giggling Hitler Records were the primary advertisers.

-Dave Phillips (AKA Dave Fun) January 2008

Issue #1 came out in Sept 1980 and featured a cover story about local radio written by Walter. WSHE had just been acquired by a national conglomerate and after having a sort of Prague Autumn, it was about to go completely vanilla. Also, four views of God Punishes the Eat, all of which were written by Walter in different voices.


Issue #2, Nov. 1980 featured a tour report from the Eat's Fake National Tour. The tour itself included stops in Raleigh, NYC, and Atlanta. No. 2 also included the debut of Milk Me, a sort of fake advice/gossip column written by Cheri and Meg. Also included: a Giggling Hitler ad and a review of The Modettes at the Agora.

The Reactions were on the cover of Issue No. 3. They had just released an EP [read EP review]. Walter wrote a story about John Lennon's death. Also ran a piece on up and coming bands. Dave Frosh didn't like that we referred to the Weasles as "our favorite K-Mart band."

Issue No. 4 was the Valentines Day (1981) issue. Also, it was likely the only Punk fanzine with the likeness of Jim Plunkett on the cover. Errol sent a report from LA. Read the show reviews (It Happened One Nite in Borington). All the shows referenced, including the Reactions', are from Dec./Jan. 1980-81.

No. 5 we called the mental fatigue issue--something to do with the second semester, second year at BCC. Denise Rowe (AKA Darla Hay) on the cover in an ode to MOTR. This issue also included a half-page photo of Dave Fun with a 3.5-lb largemouth bass taken on a Mann's Jelly Worm from a suburban pond. Hayhead story from Issue No. 5.

Photo shot circa 1981 by Dave Fun of the Hayheads at Balkan Rock Club. In the background you'll see Debbie Rage, Tony Suppa and Tony's wife Maggie.   

The Throbs made the cover of issue No. 6, The Bathing Suit Issue. The back page featured a punk sports column written by Eddie O'Brien AKA, C. Dan Deville.

Issue No. 7, or Vol II # 1 was published in Dec. 1981. Was the first issue focused primarily on hardcore punk. It featured stories on Minor Threat, and T.S.O.L., reports from L.A. and D.C., and a stark new design with all typewritten text.

No. 8, or Vol II No. II came out in the spring of 1982, and was edited by Cherry Fun. It featured stories on South Florida hardcore bands and an interview with the Abusers, plus reports from Cleveland and L.A. The original design returned, but it was the last issue of the Borington Journal.

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