South Florida or Charlie Pickett/Johnny Salton-related web sites

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  >>  Psycho Daisies bios, photos, music and more
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  >>  Trashfever's Eat page photos, reviews, discography, articles
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Other Cool Links

  >>  Butthole Surfers Official Site with streaming audio and mp3s
  >>  Career Records great Montana psychedelic label - Deniz Tek and Scott Morgan, Donovan's Brain, Penny Ikinger, Roy Loney and more
  >>  A Husker du Database pictures, discography, etc.
  >>  An Unofficial Iggy Site pictures, mp3s, etc.
  >>  Joy Division Joy Division central unofficial site
  >>  Mike Watt's Hoot Page
  >>  Mission of Burma Official Site video, audio, tour dates, etc.
  >>  The MOST Comprehensive Stones Database
  >>  Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3
  >>  Frank Zappa Official Site he doesn't exist, unfortunately, but he left behind lots of goodies!