Bobby Tak Red Meat White Noise
Bobby Tak, drums and vocals; Coz Canler, guitar;
Charlie Pickett, guitar; Rob Remias, bass; Pat Hunter, vocals.
Charlie Pickett
& The Eggs
Bo Diddley is a Gator Poacher (1984 demo)
Bullshit is Going On
(Live at the Button outtake)
Trash Fever

(32 mb video download, Something on Seventeen)
Charlie Pickett Meigs County
(Route 33 demo with full beginning and ending)
I Got A Woman (Route 33 demo)
Johnny "Sticks"
Galway & the Eggs
My Face Don't Smile (Route 33 sessions)
Charlie Pickett
and the MC3
Tarwater (live, Miami 1988)
In the Wilderness (more guitars, slightly longer)
Pat Johnson,
Charlie Pickett &
the New Maypoles
(9.3.05 Globe Coffee Lounge,
St. Petersburg, Fla.)
Psycho Daisies
Mach 1
Big Boys (122 mb video)
Axe to Grind
(live Miami 1985)
Johnny Salton
and the MC3
Religion or Pleasure
(alternate mix from the original session)
Flames of Love (Wilderness outtake)
Lover Girl (early version)
She Went Shopping (live Miami 1988)
Spider Baby (live Miami 1988)
Psycho Daisies What Ya Gonna Do About It? (43 mb video)
How You Feel (early version)
In Doubt (1985)
Bad Amusements (1989)
30 Milligrams of Your Love (1990)
Shade Tree Mechanic (2003)

Studio Releases--Available at

Bobby Tak/Charlie Pickett

All Love All Gone

Bobby Tak-vox, drums
Charlie Pickett-vox, guitar
Ian Hammond-guitar
Rob Remias-bass

Bobby Tak is the metronome, the metronome that swings. He's best known as the drummer/songwriter/vocalist for legendary Florida bands The Cichlids and The Bobs, but he's done dozens of other musical projects over the years, including touring with Charlie Pickett.

Charlie Pickett is a criminally under-recognized blues/rock/country/punk non-stop engine, and one of the most successful musicians to come from south Florida. A critical re-evaluation of his career started with the release of the "Bar Band Americanus" compilation last year.

Ian Hammond has a band called The Martyrs (formerly The DT Martyrs), another band called Ian Hammond and the Loose Cannons, and he enjoys playing with Charlie Pickett anytime he gets the chance.

Rob Remias is in a band called Clusterluck, among many other things, and has been around since the very beginning.


The Eat

Open Man (Tribute to Chris Cottie)
(32 mb video)

Eddie O'Brien-lead guitar and vox
Mike O'Brien-guitar and vox
Glenn Newland-bass
Chris Cottie-drums

The Bobs

One More Day

(Live at 27 Birds, Miami 3/18/83. originally released on the Safety Net cassette "The Bobs-In Public")

Bob Rupe-bass and vox
Kevin MacIvor-guitar and vox
Bobby Tak-drums and vox

The Chant

Wonderin' Out Loud

(unreleased track from the third Chant
album that never was)

Walter Cz-guitar and vox
Jimmy Johnson-bass and vocals
Joe Hamm-drums
Pat Johnson and Greg Smalley-lead guitars

Jimmy Johnson

I Knew Something

(released as a 7" single, 1993)

Jimmy Johnson-guitar and vox
Bob Rupe-bass, guitar and vox
Bob Elsey-lead guitar
Billy Burton-drums
Tim White-organ
John Keane-tamborine

The D.T. Martyrs

Day to Day

The track is a rough mix from the "Sins of Soul" sessions, 1988. I play all guitars & vocal, Mike Chatham on bass, Tony Bazemore on drums.
-Ian Hammond

Drug Czars

Thank God for Drugs

(unreleased, 1997)

Mike O'Brien-guitar and vox
Jeff Hodapp-lead guitar
Chris Cottie-drums